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Sl. No Date Activity Details
1 26/10/2006 Establishment and Silk Association of India
Founder President C. Narayanaswamy former Member of Parliament & Sericulturist
Founder Vice President V. Balasubramanian IAS, Former Additional Chief Secretary GOK & Former Member Secretary of Central Silk Board
Founder Secretary M. Ramachadragowda, Silkworm seed producer
2 2006 Anti dumping duty issue Filed a case in Supreme court to impose an anti dumping duty on imported China silk. Based on the Supreme court directions GOI agreed to continue anti dumping duty up to 2009.
3 2009 Implementation Seed Act 2009 SAI office bearers organized several meetings with concerned departments for proper implementation of Central Seed Act.
4 20/01/2009 Organized National Seminar To understand the problems and to come out with solutions organized a National seminar at Institute of Engineers Bangalore to inviting subject experts and all stake holders of Silk Industry
5 2009 Organized meetings to stop hand over of land at Okalipuram Organized several meetings with Secretariat Government Karnataka to stop handover of Okalipuram land (Partial) to KSRTC Department and convinced the Government not to handover and Government agreed to retained it for sericulture activities
6 2010 Proposal of Shifting of Department of Sericulture during 2010 SAI organized several rounds of meetings with Government and succeeded in convincing not to shift Sericulture Department to Mysore
7 2010-2012 Efforts to enforce 2nd moult chawki distribution SAI requested both DOS & CSB and had a meetings with both the departments to enforce 2nd moult worms distribution to farmers from all Chawki Rearing Centers. Because of efforts more than 98% of the chawki centers started distribution of 2nd moult larvae to the farmers.
9 2015 Organized Sericulture study tours SAI members visited Tamil Nadu and Andra Pradesh to know the problems of stakeholders and written letters to concerned departments of TN & AP to draw the attention and to take necessary actions.
10 2015 Stopping merger of sericulture department with agriculture department (2015) Succeeded to stop merging the sericulture department with agriculture department after had a successful meeting with Chief Minister Hon'ble Siddaramaiah
11 2016 Field visits (2016) Visited Ramanagara farmer gardens and ARMs to study the field problems
12 19/12/2017 Visit to Ramanagara Cocoon market and Automatic reeling machine Executive Committee members visited Ramanagara Cocoon market, to discuss the emarketing system introduced for easy and transparent transation of the cocoons. Discussed the issues and modifications in the system introduced with Marketing officers, Farmers and with reelers. Visited newly introduced Automatic reeling machines at Ramanagara
12 2018-2019 Organized meetings to revival of PSFA (2018 /19) Organized meetings with Secretary Horticulture & sericulture demanded to revive PSFA cocoon stabilization fund, revive KSMB activities, to strengthen KSSRDI Thalagattapura
13 23/8/2019 Organized State Level Seminar with the theme Problems and Prospectus of Karnataka Sericulture To understand the problems of Karnataka Sericulture and to come out with solutions organized a State level seminar at KASSIA Auditorium Bangalore inviting Administrates, subject experts and all stake holders of Silk Industry.
14 2019-2020 Merger of Sericulture Associations with Silk Association of India To provide brad base RSPs and CRCs associations are officially as been merged with Silk Association of India
15 11-01-2019 Organized Meeting with Director, Dept. of Sericulture, Tamil Nadu To apprise about the activities and its involvement in development of sericulture on request of Tamil Nadu Govt. SAI has been participated in the meeting and taken stock of the present situation and discussed about the possibility of organizing seminar with the stake holders.
16 2/11/2019 Meeting with Mr. Sadananadagowda, Honorable minister for Chemical and Fertilizers Submitted memorandum not to hike GST on Silk and Silk goods
17 27/11/2019 Meeting with Sri. Vilas Shide, Chairman and Managing Director, Sahyadri Farmers Producer Company Ltd, Nasik, Maharastra Regarding development of sericulture in Maharastra, under the banner of Sayadri Farmers Produce Organization by investing Rs. 2000 crore
18 12-02-2019 Executive committee meeting Monthly Executive committee Meeting to decide action plans for sericulture development in the state and and in the country. Decided to formulate a project for double the silk production in the state.
19 12-06-2019 Hosted SAI website Silk Association of India Website hosted
20 12-07-2019 Meeting on External aided project preparation Technical commity meeting to discuss the components to incorporate in the externalu funded project
21 12-12-2020 Meeting with Smt. Rohini Sinduri, Commissioner for Sericulture development, Government of Karnataka Issues related to sericulture develoment including project development of external funding for sericulture improvement and organising regular seed production BCC meetings were discussed
22 15/12/2019 Submission of Memorandum not to include Raw silk under GST SAI Honorable president and members with met Honorable Chief minister Yadiyurappa, Minister Basavaraj Bommai (Member of GST council), Minister Madhuswamy, Chief Secretary, Finance Secretary Advocate General of Karnataka, Minister Asok, and Address the Press and Handed Over Memorandum and requested not to include Raw Silk yarn Under GST
23 15/01/2020 Submitted memorandum to Chief Minister, Sri. Yadiyurappa, Minister Basavaraj Bommai (Member of GST council) Minister Sri. Madhuswamy, Minister Sri. Ashok, Principle Secretary, Finance secretary and Advocate General of Karnataka Submitted memorandum regarding GST issues along with Vice president, reelers and weavers and requested not to include silk yarn under GST
24 18/01/2020 18th Executive committee meeting Discussion on world Bank Project KSIP-2020, discussion on sub committee meeting, Issue of membership certificate, ID cards of SAI members etc
25 18/3/2020 Meeting with Smt. Shylaja IAS, Commissioner for sericulture Issues related to sericulture develoment including project development of external funding for sericulture improvement and organising regular seed production BCC
26 26/3/2020 SAI recommended sun drying of cocoons Because of corona lockdown, cocoon markets closed, as a temporary measure SAI recommended and come out with recommendations to dry the cocoons in sunlight and preserve for short time.
27 27/3/2020 SAI recommendations for Covid-19 safety at different work places of sericulture SAI as come out with recommendations for safety of people working at different working environments of sericulture
22 19/4/2020 Participation in An Impact analysis of corona virus on Indian Sericulture Silk Association of India participated in the analysis of Corona virus impact on sericulture Industry in India and submitted the information online to the Central Silk Board
23 22-5-2020 First online meeting- SAI initiated online Zoom meetings Based on the discussions it is decided to call the meeting on 27-5-2020, to decide and to take immediate action on the problems faced by the different stake holders
24 27-5-2020 19th EC meeting, at SAI office, Gandhibazar Discussed the problems faced by the different stake holders, because of Covid-19, and fixed the date for AGM
25 06-05-2020 Meeting with Minister for Sericulture To over come the problems faced by the stake holders meeting is organized with the Minister for Sericulture with other stake holders. Minister assured all possible assistance to over come the problems of stake holders.
26 27/6/2020 Release of technical videos on social media about Covid-19 precautions Videos were released on social media for the benefit of stake holders about the impact and precautions to be followed for the benefit of all the stake holders
27 20/7/2020 Executive committee meeting on Zoom float farm Discussion on different sectors problems due to COVID-19, PSFA fund availabity for sericulture development, serious problem of Trips and mites in mulberry gardens of Karnataka
28 20/7/2020 Secound technical video released What are the problems faced by the sericulture industry and all sericulture dependendent stake holders and role Department of Sericulture, KSMB in this crisis period as been broughtout in this video
29 27/7/2020 Participated in Reserve Bank of India survey on Impact of lockdown and special Economic Package Special Economic Package for MSMEs-Bank borrowings by SMEs on account of collataral free loans and central government backed guarantees survey formats were circulated among all stake holders and members of SAI and Submitted to Reserve Bank through KASSIA
30 08-05-2020 RTI application filled for PSFA details To get the details of PSFA fund availability, RTI application as been filed with Department of Sericulture, Governement of Sericulture
31 14/8/2020 Third technical video as been released Technical video about covid-19 and its impact and precautions and remidies as been brought out in this video and hosted in social media by Honarable President of Silk Association of India Sri. C. Narayanaswamy and demanded to provide schemes and compansations to all sericulture stake holders of Karnataka and other states
32 19/8/2020 Subscribed Zoom app for online meetings Because of corona lockdown and restrictions on physical meetings SAI subscibed for ZOOM application for online meetings
33 24/8/2020 RSPs and CRCs Zoom on line meeting Decided to bring out handouts on control of trips and mites, to write letters to Commisioner for sericulture development and Member secretory, CSB to solve the problems of CRCs abd RSPs and call a meeting,
34 26/8/2020 Govt. released Rs. 30 crore because of SAI efforts Because of SAI efforts Govt. released Cocoon incentive of Rs. 30 for CB and Rs.50 for BV to overcome the Covid-19 cocoon price drop
34 09-08-2020 Executive committee meeting It is decided to request Member Sccretary, CSB and Comissionar for Sericulture development, Govt. of Karnataka to tied over the sutuations of silk Industry due to Covid-19
35 18/9/2020 CSB called a Cisco Webex online meeting meeting Discussed Covid-19 package to overcome for all offected stake holders, eggproduction problems, Imposing antidumping duty on imported silk, necessity of developing indiginous ARM machens, establishment of silk banks, establishing incubation facility at CRCs, required seed cocoon generation, establisment of required cold storage facility, enforcing uniform pricing policy etc as been discussed. In addition it is also felt that some brain storming is required to over come the problem of closure of grainmages and chawki rearing centers
36 29/9/2020 Webinar meeting of Executive Committee members,CRCs owners and other members Because of Covid-19, CRCs are exposed hard shipos finacialy and also skilled man power. In the meeting it is elaboratly discussed the precaussionary measures to be followed in the CRCs to contain the disease spread.
37 30/9/2020 Webinar on management of Trips and Mites in mulberry Because of serious infestation of Trips and Mites in mulberry gardens especialy Mandya and Ramanagara districts a brain storming webinar was organised involving Scientists and subject expert from GKVK, Acorology department, NBAIR, CSR&TI, Mysore and KSSRDI, Thalaghattapura. Out of the discussions as been developed in to a package and recommended for field implimentation 99 people were participated
38 14/10/2020 Online Zoom platform meeting of executive meeting To draw the agenda points for the proposed meeting of Sericulture commissionar to discuss problems of RSPs and CRCs
39 21/10/2020 Meeting with Sri Narayana Gowda, Honarable minister of Sericulture CRCs problems Meeting organized at Lalbagh Horticulture Directorate office, Minister responded very positively and assured to solve the problems ASAP raised by SAI. Tumkur and Hassan District CRCs owners, Joint Directors, Additional Director of Sericulture and SAI members attended the meeting.
40 24/10/2020 SAI Executive Committee Meetting Dicussed the progress of the meetings held on 24-8-2020, 18-9-2020 and 30-9-2020 and fix the date to organise General Body Meeting and to discuss the agenda meeting points
41 23/11/2020 Webinar on management of Root rot, Leaf roller management in mulberry plantations Because of the serious issue of mulberry pests like leaf roller/webber and root rot disease, involving scientists from KSSRDI, CSRTI, Mysore,
42 24/11/2020 Webinar on management of Muscardine in Silkworm rearing Because of seviour incidence of muscardine in the field webinar as been organised to educate the farmers regarding control of muscardine in the field.
43 24/11/2020 SAI Executive Committee Meetting Discussions on preparations for General Body Meeting, submission of audit report to the committee, release of Chawki incentives, to prepaire road map of the activities for the year 2020-21.
44 26/12/2020 General Body Meeting (14th meeting) SAI members, including Karnataka silkworm Seed producers Association, Chaki Rearers Association of Karnataka who is recently merged with SAI as been called to partipate, Annual administrative reports, presentation of audit report, approval of budjet, approval of amendments to the bylaws, appointment of auditors, selection of CRCs and RSPs representitive Directors to the SAI executive body for the the year 2021 as been discussed and required approvals as been obtained from the members of the General Body.
46 01-06-2021 Priliminary meeting at Doddaharalagere village, Sulibele hobali, Hosakote Tq, Bangaluru Rural Dt. under sericulture village adoption programme A priliminary meeting as been organised along with the Department of Sericulture to understand the sericulture knowledge and basic structure, level of technology adoption and to initiate benchmark survey to know the basic technology requirments to provide to the farmers by SAI.
45 01-12-2021 Organised CRCs and RSPs sub committee meeting Organised CRCs and RSPs Sub Committee Meeting at Sports club, Mandya and discussed the issues related to CRCs and RSPs and it is decided to discuss the same issues with Commissionar of Sericulture to come out wth the solutions.
47 20/1/2021 Meeting with Dr. Vinay, Director of Sericulture, Departmrnt of Sericulture, Salem, Tamil Nadu SAI President and a team of 10 EC members and Directors had a meeting on his invitation. The meeting regarding development of sericulture in Tamil Nadu, Deparment officers, Farmers, Silk reelers and weevers participated. Discussed various aspects of Tamil Nadu Sericulture. SAI as assured to extent all coperation to extend to develop sericulture in Tamil Nadu. Director of Tamil Nadu appriciated the efforts of SAI in National Sericulture Development. SAI President suggested to take World Bank loan which will be helpfull for speedy development of sericulture, and it is also proposed to prepare a project in this regard.
48 29/1/2021 Meeting with reelars of Tamil Nadu On the request of reelers of Tamil Nadu a mmeting is conveend at SAI office inwaiting leading reelers Dadapeer of Sidlaghatta, Sri. Ajmal pasha of Ramanagara and Sri. Syed Iqbal ahmed DDS (retd) to joined the meeting
49 02-03-2021 Executive Committee meeting Agenda points like adoption of Doddaharalagere village, Preparation of Karnataka State Sericulture Policy prepared by SAI and submitted to Department of Sericulture, Preparation of Draft world bank project for TamilNadu, decicions taken at CRCs and RSPs Subcommity meeting held at Mandya, Printing of Brouchers and Certificates, Publishing of SAI news letter, fixing of meeting with new Sericulture Minister Sri. R. Shankar
50 02-10-2021 Meeting with Sri. R. Shankar, Honaroble Minister for Sericulture Met Sericulture Minister Sri. R. Shankar, and Smt. Savitha V. Amarashetty, Chairman, KSMB, Minister agreed to and fixed the meeting on 26/2/2021 to discuss the problems of sericulture industry. Minister also agreed to release a book written by Dr. S. B. Dandin on the same day.
51 02-11-2021 Technical committee meeting Out lay as been discussed to formulate world bank project for Tamil Nadu Sericulture Development
52 19/2/2021 Silk Association of India memers meeting Mainly discussed about the arrangements about themeeting about Sericulture Ministers meeting on 26/2/2021 to discuss about the Sericulture problems and book writen by Dr. Dandin Nanu mathu rehme release fungtion. Invitation printing and distribution also discussed
53 26/2/2021 Meeting with Sericulture Minister and Book release function at Bharatheeya Vidya Bhavan Dignitories participated Sri. C. Narayanaswamy, Honarory President of SAI, Sri. R. Shankar, Honarable Minister for Sericulture and Horticulture, Sri. Umesh v. Kathi, Honorable minister for Food and civil supplies, Dr. Manu Baligar, Kannada Sahithya parishath, Dr. Asok Allur, Director, Center of Excellence for Formers Produce Organisations, Sri. V. Balasubramaniyan IAS, Additional Chief Secretory and President Silk Association of India and Smt. Savitha V Amarashetty, Chairman, Karnataka Silk Marketing Board, in addition to other dignitories, Farmers and other stake holders of sericulture. Book Nanu mathu Reshme written by Dr. Dandin released on this occasion and discussions on the isuess related to sericulture industry was discuussed in this meeting
54 03-05-2021 Executive committee meeting Discussed about initiation of Bench mark survey of SAI adopted Village Doddaharalagere, Hosakote Tq, Committee to be organized to bringout and finalise articles for News letter, webinars to be organized, letters to be drafted and to send to the concerned authorities regarding duty tobe imposed on silk coming from SAARC countries.
55 03-09-2021 RSPs and CRCs Sub committee meeting at Kanva Seb committee meeting of RSPs and CRCs is organized and Kanva IB, Technical discussions were orgnised Resource persons are Dr. J. B. Narendrakumar on Mangament of Trips and Mites in mulberry gardens , precautions to be taken during summer also discussed for management of Grainages and Chawki Rearing Centers.
56 15/3/ 2021 Executive commity meeting Discussed about Doddaharalagere village adoption programme, New directors appointed in place of continuous absenty members, Commity as been formed to bring out News letter, Deputing of Dr. Hariraj to Tamil Nadu to look in to the problems of silk reelers of Tamil Nadu in addition, letters to be despatched to different Govt. agencies to fix a exise duty on silk coming from SAARC countries. It is also discussed about the misappropriations and delaid payment and non-payments of in Ramanagara Cocoonmarket, Introduction ofPrivate cocoon markets started funtioning in some places at Karnataka nd other places, and other ruteen thigs of the meeting are also discussed. It is decided to send a commity to study the problems of Ramanagara Cocoon market and also to collect information on Private cocoon markets.
57 16/3/2021 Interview with The Epoch Times a news magazine Discussed issues related to the illigal Dumping of Chainees silk in to the Indian market below the production cost indiginous silk, through Nepal and Bangladesh because these coutries have some exemptions for duty free transactions, this practice hamparing of sericulture sector espsecially to the farm community
58 19/3/2021 Visit to Ramanagara Cocoon market and private market In response to reports recived from our SAI members regading irregular payments at Ramanagara cocoon market cocoon transaction a team as been identified and visited Ramanagara cocoon market and discussed the issue with market Deputy Director and Joint Director, Officers agreed there is a mismanagement and misappropriation in the market transactions. SAI urged to rectify the problem at the earliest and payments should be made to the farmers immediatly. It seems to be of Rs. 2 crore mismanagement. It is also discussed for early implimentation of e-payment through banks. SAI team also visited Resha Mandi and the following or the observations. They are doing the transactions of cocoon buying and selling in different parts of Karnataka Resha mandi appointed agents contacting farmers directly and purchaing the cocoons . Payments will be made to the farmers bank accounts after 2-4 days through on line payments. The team report and submmitted to the Executive committee
59 22/3/2021 Based on the reports action as been taken in Ramanagara market Deputy Director Sri. J. M. Munibasaiah as been suspended from the Ramanagara Market based on the reports
60 30/3/2021 Questionare developed for bench mark survey of adopted village Doddaharalagere In continuation to earlier meetings a quetionare developed to takeup servey to understand the family setup, technology understanding and adoption level and their production levels of Doddaharalagere a proposed village for adoption and technology transfer
61 04-01-2021 52nd Executive commity meeting Agenda based issues like Ramanagara cocoon market visir , Resh mandi visit, visit and discussions with reelers to inspect 120 end reeling machine, meeting to be organized with minister of sericulture, presentation of sericulture calender organizing technical webinars were discussed.
62 04-05-2021 SAI- News letter committee meeting News letter committee of SAI discussed the the content framwork and number pages, work load distribution amoung members
62 04-10-2021 Webinar on Mulberry cultivation and Silkworm rearing management during summer Resource Persons: Dr. Srikantaswamy, Joint Director (Retd), CSRTI, Mysore.Dr. E. Muniraju, Scientist (Retd), KSSRDI, Banagaluru. Webinar was mainly focused on suitable technologies required to maintain soil nutrition management for good growth of nutrient mulberry and quality cocoon harvest
• Adopting soil test based manure and fertilizer application• Soil moisture conservation through drum kit technology• Soil Organic carbon maintenance through adopting growing, trenching and mulching of the grown green plants • Silkworm rearing practices like shoot preservation methods, silkworm rearing spacing, feeding, aeration and mounting methods were discussed• Maintenance of cool environment in rearing hall adopting water sprinklers, roof top turbines for better aeration and roof cover with thermo cool paints or coconut palms.
63 05-01-2021 Developed proceedures to be followed by the stake holders to over come Covid-19 is developed and circulated SAI technical committee developed precautionary methods to be followed by different stake holders to overcome Covid-19. and circulated through social media and also throufg print media. This information as also circulated to state sericulture departments through emails
64 2/5/221 Virtual meeting with Member Secretary, CSB Priliminary discussion with Member Secretary regarding proving financial assitence to host sericulture calender developed by Dr.E. Muniraju,in a wesite, It is decided to organize one more meeting with software developers for detailed discussion
65 05-07-2021 53rd Executive committee meeting Discussion on world bank project submittedt to Tamil Nadu Sericulture Depatment, Development of precautionary measures for Covid-19, Meeting with member secretory regarding sericulture calender, assertaing central seed act-commercial cocoon transaction
66 05-08-2021 Webinar on Mulberry cultivation and Silkworm rearing management during Rainy season Resource persons: Dr. Mogli, T,Scientist (Retd) CSRTI, Mysore, Dr. Gururaj, Scientist F (Retd) KSSRDI, Benagaluru, • Application of compost minimum 8 -10 tones/acre/year in two split doses, • Application of soli test based fertilizer application, • Maintenance of required 280C for chawki, 250C during late age using heating system• Use of bed disinfectants for muscordine disease management,• Use of rotary or any other suitable moutages with good aeration in the mounting area for quality cocoon harvest,• Harvesting of cocoons and marketing only on 5-6th day and not earlier
67 21-5-2021 Meeting with member secretary, CSB Updating and uploding on digital flat forms for Sericulture calender on digital flat forms digital formats, it is decided to have a discussion on the software company to take it farword
68 06-01-2021 54th Executive commity meeting Agenda discussed are awareness on covid-19, proposed hightech cocoon market at STS Channapatana, arranging SAI meeting with Department of Sericulture, Arranging meeting with Member Secretary Central silk Board to upload the Degital Andriod Mobile app Sericulture calender on digital flat farms for farmers use, issues related to sub committee meetings mainly private cocoon markets, irregularities in cocoon markets, Misuse of rejected cocoons in seed area, SAI webinars, SAI news letter, unauthorised pesticides in the field,
69 06-08-2021 Meeting with Otto technologies regarding sericulture calender Meeting organized with Atto technologies software development company in view of the CSBs meeting to update sericulture calender
69 06-12-2021 Strategies for Production of Quality Cocoon and Raw Silk Dr. C. S. Gururaj,Scientist- F (Retd) KSSRDI, Bengaluru, Sri. Chandregowda,Uragampet, KGF, Dr. Subhas V. Nayak, Director, CSTRI, Bengaluru, Sri. Mohammed Muheeb Pasha, President, Silk Reelers Welfare Association Ramanagara a. Enhancing commercial cocoon quality and its marketing strategies, b. How to produce internationally gradable raw silk? ·Maintenance of spinning environment temperature (25oc) and humidity (50-60%) · Suitable mountages like rotary or KSSRDI ribbon type ·Cocoon harvesting on 6th day and cocoon sorting · Cocoon grading and quality based price fixation ·Use of suitable improved machines for reeling
70 25-6-2021 RSPs and CRCs and Sub committee meeting Sum committee discussed the issues related to non availability and high cost of Bivoltine seed cocoons reflected in the increased cost of Bivoltine layings and CB layings. It is also dicussed to bring these issues to the notice of Department of Sericulture to solve the problems faced by the Industry
71 26-6-2021 Webinar on Residual toxicity of pesticides and chemicals on silkworm cocoon production Resource person: Dr. N. B. Jyothi, Scientist-E, Insect pathology and Pest management , KSSRDI, Thalaghattapura, Bangalore. • Pyriproxipen based pesticides have longer residual effect in the soil • Silkworms fed on the leaf produced from the fields where pesticides (above) are used will be looking healthy, feed even for 9-10 days during 5th instar and they will not spin the cocoons • To avoid long residual effect pesticides for soil application or for spraying on mulberry foliage • Use bio-control agents to the extent possible for mulberry pest management
72 07-01-2021 55th Executive Committee Meeting Points dicussed are entry of private cocoon markets future impact on the industry, organising technical webinars on regular basis, decided to organise on every second. It is also decided to write letters to concerd to not to merge KSSRDI with Agriculture nUniversity Bangalore. It is also decided to bring out a news letter of SAI on quarterly basis, it is also decided to participate in National Inovation survey 2021, organized by Governament of India, Textile Department.
73 07-02-2021 Redressal of gravences action taken letter received from Member Secretory, CSB, In connection with the Import of silk and goods of China through Vietnam, statting that because of the Trade agreements between India and ASEAN countries pushing of silk and silk goods in to India is taking lace. However, this matter is lready brought to the notice of Ministry of Commerce, New Delhi. CSB also replied to other quirires raised by SAI
74 07-06-2021 Discussion on Tamilnadu world bank project Discussed on the issues related and fine tuning of SAI proposed World Bank Sericulture project for Bivoltine Sericulture Improvement project
75 07-08-2021 Meeting with Sericulture Commissioner. Sri. Peddappaiah Discussed the problems of the Sericulture industry, and explained the activities and involvement of SAI in in sericulture development. Requested him to participate in our technical webinours. He assured all coperation and support for all SAI activities.
76 07-08-2021 First news letter was brought out and circulated First Silk Association quarterly Newsletter for the period of Jan-March 2021 was printed and broughtout and circulated to all members. Subjets covered Covid-19 Pandemic and silk industry, mettin with sericulture minister with Honb,ble sericulture Minister of Karnataka to discuss contemporary issues and release of SAI publications, SAI proposes to adopt Doddaharalager Village, Chaos at Ramanagara governament cocoon market: Private cocoon market picks up, could silk cocoons help to restore lost sight, innovative technologies for self rearing and mountages for production of quality cocoons
77 07-10-2021 Webonar on PRIVATE MARKETING-Boon or Bane Opening Remarks: Dr. S. B. Dandin, Vice President, Silk Association of India,Recently private players are entered in to the cocoon trading business,•Purchasing cocoons directly•It is strongly felt that this type activities to be stopped from the rearers house and selling to the reelars doing ‘dallaly’ business without any guaranty to the farmers or to the reelers• There is a possibility of cheating of farmers in future
78 13/7/2021 Priliminary meeting of Tamil Nadu world bank project Discussed and fine tuned Sericulture project which is prepared for Tamil Nadu Sericulture Department
79 15/7/2021 SAI Meeting to discuss Tamil Nadu Sericulture project on Zoom platform Discussed in detail all components of the project and it is also discussed to include and reapproprite the budget accordingly
80 2/8/221 56th executive meeting Discussed to form a committee to visit Gobichetty palam, to fix a date for General body meeting , to form a district level sub commitiees in place of existing CRCs RSPs sub committees murger of QSSC with SAI, adoption og Doddaharalagere village and circulation of SAI news letter to members.
81 14/8/2021 Webinar on Drip irrigation and fertigation in mulberry Resource person: Mr. Anjanappa V., Deputy manager, Netafim irrigation India, Private Ltd., Bengaluru. Dist. Issues discussed are Water management is the need of the hour• Adopting advanced irrigation methods based on the requirement and water availability • Adoption of suitable filters to avoid silt problem and system ockages • Systems to cleaned by using phosphoric acid is more convenient • Water use efficiency is more effective in drip irrigation or sub soil irrigation
82 17/8/2021 Meeting with Stake holders of Tamilnadu along with staff of DOS Tamil Nadu and EC members of SAI Presented the components and benefits prosed in the project to the stake holders. Stake holders expressed their views and accordingly it is decided to modify the components and budgetary provisions
83 18/8/2021 Meeting of technical committee to update the project prosed for the imrovement of sericulture in Tamil Nadu in response to stake holders meeting of tamil nadu held on 17-8-2022 Discussed the updated the required components and accordingly budgetary provisioned in the proposed project, based on the discussions held with the stake holders of Tamil Nadu
84 09-01-2021 57th Executive meeting Agenda discussed on latest developments of Tamil nadir meeting related to Bivoltine Sericulture improvement project, Visit of Sri. Rohith Pawar, Member of Legislative Assembly and team of members to SAI, out come of 24-0-2021 meeting of sub committee with special reference to the incidence of pebrine in a remarkable scale in the seed area, organizing 15th Annual General Body meeting, Issues related to 3rd edition of SAI News letter, alternate fund raising sources for sericulture calendar updating and uploading, to discuss the bench mark survey conducted of Doddaharalagere adopted village and modalities to be developed for the SAI Zonal Committees.
85 09-11-2021 SAI Webinar : Discussion on Importance of extension activities on sericulture Development Opening Remarks: Mr. Viswanath, JD, Dept. of Sericulture, Panel Members : Sri Nagaraju, Rearer, Sri. Mayagaiah, Rearer, Sri. Rajendra Patel, Rearer, Sri. P. Harish, Rearer, Sri. A. Ramesh, Chawki Rearer Sri. S. B. Naveen, Egg producer, Subject Experts : Dr. Nagaraju, Director(Retd) Dept. of Extension, UAS, Bangalore, Dr. Nagaraju, Director(Retd) Dept. of Extension, UAS, Bangalore, Dr. Vinoda, UAS, Sri. T. S. Huddar, JD (Retd) Dept. of Sericulture, Govt. of Karnataka Chinthamani, Dr. Y. K. Balakrishnappa, Deputy Director, Dept. of Sericulture, Sri. S. V. Siddareddy, ADS, Dept. of Sericulture, Sri. Srinivas, ADS, Dept. of Sericulture• Since the staff strength in both DOS and CSB is becoming less, there is a need to appoint new staff to do more of extension work. • In new areas of sericulture especially in Northern Karnataka There is only one officer/staff in each center. Hence there is an urgent need to post more staff •There is large variation in seed cocoon price due to shortage. Hence proper brushing in both Mysore seed area as well as bivoltine seed area needs to regularized and properly supervised • No joint meetings like BCC are conducted between DOS and CSB and the same needs to be revived •Extension staff of DOS, CSB and Universities and also KVKs must have regular inter action meetings and must work together• Since there are not many extension staff we must make use of progressive farmers as an extension agents • There is a need to start Farmers field schools to train new farmers.• Number of field shows, demonstrations, farmers Melas etc are net being organized regularly and the same needs to be started again• At present there are only few FPOs in sericulture. Hence DOS my help in starting more number of FPOs at least one in every Taluk where sericulture activities are more concentrated•Training to extension staff and lead farmers must be increased and monthly meeting of extension staff of all agencies shall be arranged regularly•Similar to cocoon production, there must be extension services in post cocoon sector also.
86 10-04-2021 58th Executive committee meeting Discussed Tamil Nadu Sericulture Development project, Decisions on sub Committees, webinar topics, bylaw amendments, meeting with sericulture minister.
87 10-09-2021 Annual General Body Meeting (15th meeting) on zoom platform Annual General Body Meeting on zoom platform and organized as per the agenda and major decisions are merging of QSS with SAI, amendments to bylaws, formation of district level committees, reconstitution of Executive committee,
88 11/10/221 Meeting with Sericulture Minister Sri. Narayanagowda Meeting organized at Vidhanasowdha, Attended by Sericulture Minister Sri. Narayanagowda, KSMB President Smt. Savitha Amarashetty, KSIC President Sri. S. R. Gowda and Principle Secretary Rajendra Kataria, Sericulture Commissioner Peddappaiah, KSIC Managing Director Smt. Kanakavalli and Personal Secretary to Sericulture Minister Sri. Prebhakar, Silk Association Honorary President Sri. C. Narayanaswamy, President Sri. V. Balasubramanyam, Secretary Sri. M. Ramachendregowda and other Directors of Silk Association participated and discussed developmental activities. It is also discussed not to merge KSSRDI with UAS Bangalore
89 13/10/2021 Volume 2 Issue 2 SAI News letter printed and circulated Topics covered in this issue are Mulberry trips and mites menace, mulberry cultivation and silkworm rearing during rainy season, Success story of Sri. Ramesh, A new silk worm race for Sericin production and other issues
90 16/10/2021 Webinar on Muscardine disease management in silkworm rearing Resource persons- Dr. Balavenkatasubbaiah, Scientist(Retd) CSRTI, Mysore. Panel members Sri. Sreenivas, Asst. Director, Department of Sericulture, Sri. Nagaraju, Asst. Director, Dept. of Sericulture, Sri. Chandrashekar, Rearer, Sri. Venkatachalapathi, Rearer, Chairperson: Dr. S. B. Dandin, SAI. The most common causes for the occurrence of the disease are, 1. Low temperature and high humidity in the rearing house. 2. Prevalence of alternate hosts outside the rearing house. 3. Air borne and infection through skin of silkworms. 4. Environmental support to the pathogen. 5. The fungus once in contact of silkworm, enters the body through skin in 8 hours and the incubation is 2-3 days of time.
Control Measures: Control the alternate hosts of pathogen available in mulberry gardens well in advance and check the entry of spores to the rearing environment. Necessary manipulations are effected in the quantity of leaves to be fed and see that the bed is kept dry. Provide cross ventilation and free circulation of air in the rearing house without closing the windows and doors and ventilators. Ensure scientific disinfection before rearing and proper use of recommended bed disinfectants without fail .Vijetha supplement is the recommended bed disinfectant which can control muscardine for all stages besides normal usage of lime. Systematic disinfection of rearing house. Usage of recommended bed disinfectants. Adequate feeding practices depending on environmental conditions. Sufficient aeration/cross ventilation in rearing house in late age rearing.
91 11-02-2021 Executive committee meeting First meeting of New Executive committee Office bearers as been identified C. Narayanaswamy Hon. President, Sri V. Balasubramaniayan President, Dr. S. B. Dandin Vice president(Technical), Smt. Savitha Amarashetty Vice president (General) Sri. M. Ramachenregowda, Secretary, Dr. E. Muniraju, Joint Secretary, Sri Musthaf Ali khan, Treasurer, Sri. Naveen Internal Auditor, Sri. Abdul Azeez Co-coordinator, and other Directors are Dr. Angadi, Dr. Basavaraj, Sri. Mayagaiah, Sri. Basavaraj patiel, Sri. Venkatachalapathi, Sri. K. Chandra shekar, Sri. Naveen, Sri. Krishna, Sri. Venekatesh Babu, Sri. Shivaram Sri Harish, Sri. Chanamal
92 13/11/2021 Webinar on : Quality Silkworm Seed cocoon Generation and egg production Open remarks: Dr. Sivaprasad, Director, NSSO, CSB, Bangalore, Panel members : Dr. Haralapu, Joint Director, NSSO, Bengaluru, Sri. Y. T. Thimmaiah, Joint Director, Seed Areas, Dept. of sericulture, Govt. of Karnataka, Sri. M. Nagaraju, Assistant Director of Sericulture, Sri. Shivanandaiah, Farmer, Bivoltine seed cocoon producer, Kallanakere, Tumkur Dt., Sri. Annegowda, Farmer, Pure Mysore seed cocoon producer, Kunigal, Sri. S. B. Naveen, Silk worm Seed Producer, Singapore, Mandy Dt., Sri. K. Chandrasekar, Proprietar Chawki Rearing Centre, Yerahally, Mandya Dt., Accepted the issues with the present B V parental race CSR2 and the problems noticed are as follows. Examined and yet to be confirmed whether the fecundity rate of pure breed CSR2 is reduced Complaints received from farmers on crop success rate. this point and being examined at field level.CSR creates problems in high humidity and high temperature conditions.FC2 and FC1 also creates problems in 10 months schedule refrigeration. New double hybrids Mysore-1 High temperature resistant. And Behrampur-1 High humidity resistant new breeds are under trial and will be released for commercial exploitations in another one year. Field trials of high temperature resistant breeds are being conducted at present at A P, T N, and Kodathi, Bangalore. High humidity resistant breed problem not yet solved and working on this for the past 2 years.CSR6, CSR2, and CSR27 high humidity breeds are being examined at CSRTI MYSORE and BEHRAMPORE.To release one new breed it takes 10 years and therefore proper maintenance of available races at all stages is required at this stage.
93 23-11-221 Letters written to Sri. Piyush Goyal, Honorable minister of textiles, Govt. of India. Dr. Surendrakumar Ahirwar, Joint secretary Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Smt. Roop Rashi Mahapathra, Textile commissioner, Sri. Ravi Jha, Secretary, Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Honorable Chief Minister, Govt. of Karnataka, Sri. Upendra Prasad Singh, Secretary, Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of Textiles. Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman, Honorable Finance Minister, Sri. Ananth Swarup Director General of Trade and Remedies, Ministry of Commerce Requested to maintain the Status quo on proposed hike of GST on Textiles and Garments
94 01-12-2021 60th Executive committee meeting at Lokapaavani Chawki Rearing Centre, Sangapura, Pandavapura Tq. Mandya Dt. Agenda points discussed are Progress on Doddaharalagere village adoption, Tamil Nadu Sericulture improvement Project, Reducing of Membership amount, topic for next webinar, high lights of meeting with sericulture minister, submission of form 80G for tax exemption, in addition to routine issues. Good hospitality extended by Mr. Navven, Proprietor Lokapavani Chawki Rearing Center and Board of Director SAI
95 11/12/2021 SAI members meeting with Smt. Roop Rashi Mahapathra, Commissioner of Textiles, Govt. of India Submitted memorandum and discussed the present situation and problems faced by the Industry. Requested not to hike the GST and to maintain the status Co. On textile industry. She asked to attend the meeting with Finance minister at Delhi.
96 11/12/021 Webinar on : Management of muscardine in late age silkworm rearing Resource person Dr. B. Nataraj, Scientist D(Retd), CSR&TI, Mysore, Dr. N. B. Jyothi, Scientist-E, KSSRDI, Thalaghattapura, Bangalore, Sri. S. N. Sreenivas, Deputy Director of Sericulture, Dept. Of Sericulture, Sri. S. V. Siddareddy, Deputy Director of Sericulture, Dept. Of Sericulture, Sri. K. S. Kumara Subramanya, Assistent Director of sericulture, Sri. Shekar, Doddanahalli, Rearer, Sri. Krishna Proprietar CRC, palamaner, APCauses for disease occurrence: 1.Low temperature and high humidity in the rearing house.2. Prevalence of alternate hosts outside the rearing house.3. Air borne and infection through skin of silkworms. 4. Environmental support to the pathogen. 5. The fungus once in contact of silkworm enters the body through skin in 8 hours and the incubation is 2-3 days of time.
Control Measures: Control the alternate hosts of pathogen available in mulberry gardens well in advance and check the entry of spores to the rearing environment. Necessary manipulations are effected in the quantity of leaves to be fed and see that the bed is kept dry. Provide cross ventilation and free circulation of air in the rearing house without closing the windows and doors and ventilators.
97 14/12/2021 Meeting with Smt.Nirmala Sitharam, Finance minister and Smt. Darshana Vikram Jardosh, at new delhi As SAI representatives Sri. Ramachandregowda, Secretary, Sri. Sathyanarayan, Sri. Shivaram were participated the meeting, Submitted the memorandum and explained the present situation and requested not to enhance the GST for silk and silk goods.
98 27/12/2021 Meeting with Sri. Basavaraja Bommai, Honorable Chief Minister of Karnataka and Chairman of GST Council KSMB Chairman and Vice president SAI Smt. Savitha V. Amarashetty along with other SAI EC directors, Mysore power loom association members, South India garments manufacturers association members, Tamil Nadu Textile Entrepreneur Association and Mysore Silk cloth merchants Association Jointly Submitted a Memorandum and explained the ground realities and requested not to hike requested not to hike GST on Raw silk and silk goods
99 3/01/2022 61st Executive Committee Meeting Issues related to the meeting of Honorable Finance minister, Govt. of India, and other meetings related to GST hike, Sub committee report related to SAI Zonal Chapters, finalization of subject for SAI webinar, issues related to village adoption programmed in addition to other routine issues discussed.
100 4/01/2022 Meeting with Sri. Piush ji and Sri. Dharshana Jardhosh ji Honourable state ministeers for textiles SAI along with 167 Associations participated in thanks giving meeting because of considaring the request of associations and Tax was not hiked. On this connection A Zoom meeting as been organised to extend thanks and gratidude to the ministers for their role in controling the GST hike.
101 08/01/2022 Webinar on : Leaf powedary mildew management in mulberry Resorce persons : Dr. Arun kumar, Scientist, CSRTI, Mysore, Dr. A. Mahadeva, Scientist, KSSRDI, Sri. M. Nagaraju, Deputy Director, Sri. K. S. Kumara Subramanya, Assistent Director, Dept. Of Sericulture, Sri. P. Harish, Mallur, Sri. K. Chandra shekar,B. Herahalli and Sri. Krishna, Plamaneeru AP. Causes for disease occurrence: Most common during winter months, Closure mulberry plantations, Excess Irrigation or rains, Mulberry gardens closure to water bodies, Lack of weed removal, Lack of precautionary measures
Control Measures: Adoption of wider space plantations, Ensured weed control methods, Adopting improved controlled irrigation methods, Use of Wettable sulfur after every leaf harvest during winter, Adopting integrated package of practice for control of powdery mildew
102 14/01/2022 SAI News letter Volume 2 issue 3 released SAI news letter topics covaring covaring srengthning of sericulture extension, Rejuvenation of Karnataka Silk marketing Board(KSMB) and sericulture in North Karnataka, Brainstorming session (BSS) on strtagies and approches for promotion of Sustainable Bivoltine Sericulture in India, Tufts University steps towards sustainability in leather by using silk and webinars organised in addition to other current issues related to sericulture
103 20/01/2022 SAI Technical committee meeting In the meeting the committee discussed about the possibility of involment of SAI in Govt. sponsored Skill development progrmmes connected to sericulture development. Because it suffice the objective of creating the required skilled enterprenures in the industry. It is decided to come out with a base paper covaring all the aspects of training and its usefullness to the industry. Committee also finalise the topic for webinar namely Farmer innovations for sustainable sericulture
104 1/2/2022 62th Executive committee meeting Agenda points discussed are finalization of webinar topic, 5th addition of SAI news letter, formation of Zonal chapters,doddaharalagere village adoption programme, organisation of intaraction meeting prominent reelers and weavers, finalization of budget for sericulture Departyment, consolidating of reelers opinion on outside marketing of commercial cocoons, involvement of SAI in Skill Development programms in addition to other routine agenda points.
105 9/2/2022 Pre-budget meeting with Honaurable Sericulture Minister Mr. Narayana Gowda and Sericulture Commissionar Mr. Pedhappaiah SAI directors praticipated in pre budjet proposal meeting at Vikas southa chaired by Sericulture minister, Presented the budget for Rs. 576 crore for the 2022-2023. Honourable Sericulture Minister appriciated the efforts of SAI
106 12/2/2022 Webinar on: Farmers innovations for sustainable Sericulture Presentation by Dr. Hukkeri, Scientist, CSR&TI, Mysore, Sri. Ajay maruthi, Rearer, Haralu Machanahalli, Dr. Durga vakkapatala, Rearer, Haveri, Sri. Nagendra, Maddur, Entrepreneur, Sri. Vinay and Sri. Harish, Rearer, Hadigondanahalli, Sri. Srivatsa, Tumakuru, Entrepreneur, Sri. Ramesh Hosapete, Rearer, Sri. Anil, Bommachanahalli, Rearer, Sri. Krishna, Palamaner, Chawki Rearing Center, Sri. Eduru Babu, Palamaner, RearerInnovations discussed in the webinar: Tractor mounted shoot harvesting machine, Auto controlled Room Heaters and Humidifiers, Auto controlled environment management systems for rearing rooms, Auto mobile alarming equipments, Bed disinfectant dusting tools to use in rearing, Chawki rearing tray/crate washing machine, Cocoon harvesting and deflossing machine for plastic corrugated and rotary mountages
107 15-02-2022 Meeting with farmers and reelers of various districts at Ramanagara SAI Directors participated in the meeting organized by the silkworm rearers and Reelers of different parts with an agenda to discuss abovet impact of private cocoon markets regarding problem faced by the different stake holders. It is unonimously decided by the committee to form a stste level committee to take action on illegal trading of commercial reeling cocoons.
108 23-02-2022 Meeting with farmers and reelers of various districts at KSSRDI In continuation with the meeting organized at Ramanagara, meeting of Rearers and reelers is organized at KSSRDI, Thalaghattapura, Begaluru to discuss the issues related to private cocoon markets and its impact on Industry and the committee decided and nominated the state level working committee to finalise the issues and route map to take it forword.
109 02-03-2022 63rd Executive committee meeting Agenda points discessed are budjet prosals submitted to Sericulture minister on 9-2-2022, 5th edition news letter, village adoption of Doddaharalagere material distribution date to be finalised, possibility of opening a phone consultency to open to farmers by SAI, organizing state level webinars on farmers innovations, organizinf biannual sericulture conferencess, discussions on zonal chapters, Report on meetings organized at Ramanara and at KSSRDI and topic finalization for the webinar in addition to rourine issues.
110 03-04-2022 Considaration of SAI as one of the member in high level Committee constituted for development of sericulture in Karnataka Karnataka Government formed a high level committee and passed an order (no. gÉõÉä/03/gÉÃG¤2022 ¢£ÁAPÀ: 04-03-2022) and entrested responsibility of studing and updating the aspects for sericulture development of karnataka time to time
111 03-12-2022 Webinar on farmers innovations for sustainable sericulture Technical presentation by Dr. Madhusudan, Scientist, CSR&TI, Mysore; Resource persons Sri. Keshavararo, Mysore, Enterprenure; Sri. K. Shiva, Coimbatore, Farmer; Sri. Puttaraju, Chikkaballapur, Farmer; Sri. Ramesh, Hosapete, Farmer; Sri. B. M. Nagaraju, Donnenahalli, Farmer; Sri. Keshavaraju, T. Narasipura, Farmer; Sri. Navab, Chikkabalapur, Entrepreneur; Sri. P. K. Ramesh Kumar, Udumulapet, Entrepreneur; Sri. Maruthi Manchi, Molakalmuru, Weaver
Innovations discussed in the webinar: Self mounting rotary mountages; Production, usage and maintenance of Heaters and Humidifiers for better long term usage; Development of intercultivator using old scooter engine and scrap iron materials; Development of tractor mounting different gadgets and accessories to use in mulberry gardens; Production of cut mulberry leaf sheaving machine to separate cut leaf and shoot bits; Development of new jakard machines for hand loom machines
112 22/3/2022 SAI got the 80G tax exeption As suggested by many well wishers SAI applied for 80G tax exemption certificate. Thouse give donations to SAI that much of money will be exempted for TAX EXEMPTION
113 25/03/2022 SAI Mysore Zone meeting at CSRTI, Mysore 10 sericulture Scientists participated in the meeting and discussed issues are present status of pebrine problem in the seed area and its impact in the field, infestation of thrips and mites problem, challenges of technology transfer, membership drive and other related issues
114 30/03/2022 Meetting with Mr. Dharmendra Pratap Yadav, IAS, Principle Secretary, Handlooms, Handicrafts, Textiles and Khadi Department, Governement of Tamil Nadu. Director and Seniour officers of Sericulture Dept. of Tamil Nadu also participated In continuation to earlier meetings related to Sericulture improvement project with Department of Sericulture, Governement of Tamil Nadu, a meeting is arranged in the chambers of Principle secretory, Chanai, to discuss the project components and budjet issues. Dr. B. S. Angadi and Dr. E. Muniraju Directors of SAI participated and Presented the Project and appraised use fullness of the project in improvement of sericulture and upliftmnet of the stake holders of Tamil Nadu. Discussion was very succesful and Principle Secretary is convinced about the project and assured to take it forword.
115 07/04/2022 64th Executive committee meeting Main agenda points discussed are Karnataka Sericulture Dept. budget for the year 2022-2023, SAI directors presentation at Principle secretary office of Govt. of Tamilnadu, Sericulture improvement project submitted to Sericulture Deapartment of Karnataka, Issues related to SAI News letter 5th edition, subject to be finalised for webinar, progress of problems of Zonal chapters, celebration of SAI foundation day celebration, introduction of SAI representitive in the high level committee to study and to sugest sale and purchase of silk by KSMB. EC members also expresed the incidence of pebrine in the field and expresed that it is an alarming sutuation and it is decided that this as to be bring it to the notice of the Departmnet officials.
116 04-09-2022 Role of soil pH and organic carbon content to produce quality mulberry leaf Technical presentation : Dr. E. Muniraju, Scientist (Retd), KSSRDI, Thalaghattapura, Bengaluru; Panel members: Sri. Shekarappa Revanappa Karigowdru, Magodu, Ranibennur, Farmer; Sri. Narayanappa, Parashivaganahalli, Kolar Farmer; Sri. Dyamanagowda Gadigappa Gowda, Neeralagi, Savanur, Haveri, Farmer; Sri. Gadigappa Darwad, Konnur, Bagalakote, Farmer.
117 13/4/2022 Letters writen to Commissionar of and Additional Director of Sericulture The main content of the letter is regarding pebrine incidence crop losses in the field and it is also adviced to to take immediate prophylactic measures to be initiate and to organise squads to conduct pebrine survey at all levels and to arrange for mass disinfection in Kunigal seed area.
118 16/4/2022 Technical committee meeting In the meeting it is decided that the foundation day to be organised on 14th of October 2022, accordingly it is also decided to initiate the required jobs like identify and book an auditorium, sending of letters requesting them to participate and to contribute articles to souvenier of the conference.
119 18/4/2022 Meeting with commisioner Smt. Sindhu Roopesh In the meeting it is requested to fix a date to issue of articles to farmers of adopted village Doddaharalagere. Commissionar assured that she will give a date to organise a function.
120 21/4/2022 Webinar on Discussions on present situation of Pebrine disease in Pure Mysore seed area Members of Silk Association of India, Department Officers, Registered Seed Producers, Chawki Rearing Centre owners and Silkworm Rearers, participated in the discussions.Discussions of the webinar ascertained that Pebrine has spread beyond the expectations mainly due to the lapses in the Mysore seed area. Because of not conducting Stringent worm, pupa and moth examination in the seed area is a requirement and marketing of the seed cocoons of all the batches only after through confirmation of disease freeness is the requirement. The teams of NSSO, KSSRDI scientists along with the Department officers were randomly checking the presence of disease. However, may be due to manpower shortage there may be some lacunae which cannot be taken as an excuse in the interest of the industry. Participants of the webinar strongly appealed to the Department on behalf of the stakeholders of the industry to initiate immediate necessary measures to keep Pebrine under control.It was finally decided to bring to the notice of the sericulture commissioner and the Central Silkworm Seed Committee and NSSO about the ground realities of the field for necessary measures.
121 25/4/2022 Based on the sggestions of webinar organised on 21/4/2022, letters writen to Honarable Minister for sericulture, Secretory to Horticulture and Sericulture, Joint Secretory CSSC ministry of textiles, GOI, Member Secretory CSB and Director, NSSO, CSB The suggestions emerged during the discussions as been drafted indicating the sevearity of incidence of pebrine and the possible reasons for the spreading of the disease and action to be taken to contain the disease is indicated in four page letter .
122 05-01-2022 Bengaluru Zone -1 1st meetting Begaluru Zone-1 meeting was organized at Oxford Education Institute, Devanahalli, Ojective of the meeting is as decided by the general body and also by the SAI executive committee to farm Zonal Chapters and farm zonal committees and to address the local sericulture problems. This Zone include Kolar, Chikkaballapur, Bengaluru rural & Urban, and Ramanagara districts
123 05-04-2022 Meeting with Smt. Sindhu Roopesh IAS, Commissionar for Sericulture and with Seniour Officers Regarding Proposed Karnataka Sericulture Improvement Project for World Bank financial assitence and to fix Date for Doddaharalagere village material distribution date to be finalised Commissionar called a meeting at multistoried building. Related issues were discussed and some of the components were finalised in the proposed draft project.
124 05-09-2022 65th Executive committee Meeting Finalisation webinar topic for 14th May 2022, Articles for News letter, Finalising the date to Organise founction at Doddaharalagere an adopted village, sutuation of pebrine incidence, Organising SAI foudation day and Seminar issues, progress of Zonal chapters and other issues were discussed
125 14/5/2022 Webinar on Role of Farmers Produce Companies in development of Silk Industry Resource person: Sri. Y. N. Chigari, Deputy Director (Retd), Department of Sericulture, Chief Executive officer, FPC Koppa. All other 32 FPC directors were participated and discussed the chalenges and solutions regarding establishment and functioning of FPCs
126 17/5/2022 Meeting with Honarable Sericulture Minister Mr. Narayana Gowda at Vikasa Sowdha Principle secretory horticulture and Sericulture, Chaiman KSMB, Sericulture commissionaer and Seniour officers of Sericulture Department also participated in the meetting. The Agenda points of the meeting are Finalising the Silk park project at Ramanagara, Construction of Reshme Bhavana at Okalipuram, Present Sutuation of Pebrine incidence at the field and measures taken at contain the disease, and establishment of ARMs at Channapatna. Minister suggested to take up the technical issues related to pebrine control to be discussed in detail for that a sepparate meeting at commissionars office immidiatly
127 18/5/2022 Meeting with Sericulture Commissioner and Serior officers of Sericulture Department An elabarate presentation by SAI Director Mr. H. A. Nagaraja Rao,Managing Director and Adittional director (Retd) of sericulture followed by discussion and drawnn action plan to contain pebrine in pure mysore area
128 01/06/2022 66th Executive committee meeting Discussed meettings with honarable sericulture minister, Comissioner for Sericulture, regarding pebrine control, fallowup action regarding the webinar on FPC held on 14-5-2022, Issues related to Zoom meetting 25/5/2022 with RSPs, on, printing of 5th edition of SAI news letter, progress on foundation day celebrations, Discussion on shooting of short videos of SAI activities to up load on social media
129 06-05-2022 Meeting of SAI Bengaluru Zone Chapter-1 meeting at Oxford English School Devanahalli Agenda points discussed are as follows to write letter to the Department of Sericulture to keep ready the required materials required for testing of pebrine in pure mysore seed area, to reduce the membership fee to Rs. 1000, the cost of layings in Govt grainages to be fixed on par with the private grainages or based on the production cost. in addition to the other issues
130 11/6/2022 Webinar on Discussion on control of Pebrine Disease in Pure Mysore Silkworm Seed area Resource person H. A. Nagaraja Rao, Additional Director (Retd), Sericulture Department and Managing Director, KSMB, Govt. of Karnataka. He has presented the measures taken during 1991-92 to containing the pebrine in the name of ‘Project for Pebrine Control’ and suggested to adopt the same measures if it is feasible. Participants felt Pure Mysore seed area as reached alarming situation and needs immediate prophylactic measures to be initiated for containing Pebrine including other commercial silkworm rearing areas. Most importantly to take stock of the situation and to formulate strategies, a meeting with all the organisations/institutes may be arranged by DoS Karnataka immediately without losing any time. Retired officers of DoS Karnataka and others who were associated with ‘Project for Pebrine Control’ during 1991-92 may also be asked to attend that meeting and give their valuable suggestions.It is advisable to constitute a ‘Task Force’ of experts for overseeing implementation of all the suggested measures for effective control of Pebrine
131 15/6/2022 Paper notications issued regarding Pebrine To draw the attention of the concernd,news paper notifications issued in all leading news papers explaining the extent of spread and crop lasses in the field due to peprine.
132 26/6/2022 Meeting with Registard Seed Producers Because of pebrine problem RSPs are requested to organise a Zoom meeting by SAI. RSPs are expressed that they are undergoing heavy losses because of pebrine. If it continues like this they will stop production of layings. And requested SAI to take lead and bring it to the notice of higher officers in the Department
133 01/07/2022 67th Executive committee meeting at Chinnaswamy criket stadium Agenda points discussed are Report on RAC meeting held at KSSRDI on 07/06/2022, issues related to webinars conducted on 11 and 20-06-2022 on pebrine control, RSPs meeting on 25/6/2022, letters written and meetings held with minister and Commissionar regarding pebrine, progress on foundation day celebrations, SAI news letter, material distribution function at Doddaharalagere and other points.
134 08/07/2022 Material distribution function organised at Sulibele Model grainage building inviting rearers of Doddaharalagere adopted village Power operated disinfection sprayers, shadenet and plastic mountages worth of Rs. Five lakh is distributed to 32 farmers of adopted village Doddaharalagere village. Department Officers and SAI Directors and Sericulture farmers of Doddaharalagere village were participated in the function at Sulibele Modal grainage
135 01-08-2022 68th Executive committee meeting Discussed material distributed at Doddaharalgere adopted village, present status of pebrine, status on foundation day celebrations, topics for SAI news letter, webinar topic finalization, progress of Zonal chapters activities and action taken report, thrips and mites problems
136 04-08-2022 SAI Mysore Zonal Chapter meeting and Technical discussion at Kaggala village Mysore Zonal meeting organized at Kaggalahalli, Malavalli Tq, Field work shop on Thrips, mites and Leaf Roller infestation and control measures sub ject expert Dr. Mahiba hellen Scientist, CSRTI, Mysore and Soil nutrient management by Rajappa, Deputy Director (Retd) Department of Sericulture, Mysore. Nearly 250 farmers were participated in the work shop. SAI Exicutive committee members and Zonal chapter members participated


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